20 Game-Changing Things We Use To Hack Our Daily Life

Things We Use Daily

Things we use in our daily lives comprise various activities like eating, commuting, working, studying, exercising, entertainment and more. We rely on many items to assist us in carrying out these activities smoothly on a day-to-day basis.

From the moment we wake up, we use our phones for news/messages, have a bath with soaps, get ready wearing clothes/accessories, have breakfast made in kitchen appliances and so on throughout the day. Whether at home, workplace or in transit, there are certain objects we use repeatedly that have become indispensable. Our lifestyles tend to center around the utility of these items for fulfilling various needs conveniently. Let’s discuss 20 such essential everyday things that can be found in most houses and are used regularly by the members. These range from basic food ingredients, gadgets and household objects to personal care items, stationery, modes of transport and sources of entertainment on a daily basis.

5 Things We Use Daily

There are some things we use so commonly every day that we don’t consciously think much about them. Here are 5 such essentials:

  • Mobile Phones – For connectivity and productivity needs
  • Wallets/Bags – To carry items safely when out
  • Toothbrush/Toothpaste – For maintaining good oral hygiene
  • Pens – Needed for making notes, filling forms
  • Water Bottles – To stay hydrated by drinking water

Most Common Everyday Items

In addition to above things we use, clothes, shoes, keys, watches, and eyeglasses serve basic clothing, vision, security, and functionality needs crucial for daily life.

Things We Use Everyday Without Thinking

Brushing teeth, combing hair, charging phones etc. are habitual tasks performed everyday automatically without much conscious thought as part of daily schedules.

Food Items

Food provides energy and nutrition to go about our day.

Things We Use Daily

Staple Food Items

Rice, wheat, lentils, spices are staple ingredients found in most kitchens for regular cooking.

RicePrepare rice, biryani etc
WheatMake rotis, bread etc
LentilsCook dal, sambhar etc
SpicesAdd flavor and aroma

Packaged & Processed Food

Bread, biscuits, noodles, juices offer convenience for busy lifestyles. Many working individuals use them frequently.


Tea, coffee, milk are hot & cold beverages consumed daily to quench thirst, boost energy or as refreshments.

Technology Gadgets

Technology products help us stay connected, organized & entertained.

Things We Use Daily
technology laptop keyboard computer

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones enable communication via calls, messages, video chats plus browsing the internet and apps on the go. Most people use them many times during the day.


We use laptops & computers daily for work/study, browsing, gaming & executing digital tasks efficiently.

Other Gadgets

Tablets, headphones, speakers, e-readers are used regularly these days for multimedia and music.

Personal Care Products

Personal care is important for hygiene, grooming & health of skin, hair etc.


Face creams, washes, sunscreens aid cleansing, moisturizing & skin protection daily.


Shampoos, hair oils, brushes used for washing, conditioning & styling hair regularly.

Oral Care

Toothbrushes, toothpastes maintain good oral hygiene and dental health.

Home Appliances

Home appliances ease daily tasks saving time & efforts.

Kitchen Appliances

Mixers, grinders to air fryers & ovens ease cooking activities. Used extensively.

Home Electronics

Television, ACs etc used daily for entertainment and comfort.

Smart Devices

Smart speakers, cameras, video doorbells monitor homes & control connected devices conveniently.

Household Items

Certain items assist organizing & cleaning the house.

dishes washing dishes cups Things We Use Daily
dishes washing dishes cups


Beds, sofas, coffee tables, bookshelves serve daily needs in living spaces & bedrooms.


Utensils, cutlery, containers help cook, store food.

Cleaning Tools

Vacuum cleaners, mops, brooms maintain household cleanliness through regular dusting & mopping


Accessories serve aesthetic & functional needs.

Watches & Wearables

Smartwatches, fitness bands are used widely to track health stats and enhance outfit looks.


Handbags, backpacks, laptop bags carry personal stuff to work, college or casual outings conveniently.


Earrings, rings, bracelets mostly used daily for styling outfits.

Stationery & Office Supplies

Stationery needed daily for writing, documenting, organizing.

Paper Products

Notebooks, sticky notes, A4 sheets for journaling, writing, printing.

Writing Instruments

Pens, pencils, markers, highlighters assist writing & highlighting text while reading/studying.

Office Supplies

Staplers, tape, files/folders organize documents & enable working systematically.

Transport Modes

Daily travel relies on efficient transport.

Public Transport

Many working people & students use local trains, metro, buses for commutes.

Private Vehicles

Bikes, cars offer flexibility & comfort for quick city trips.

New Age Transport

E-bikes, bicycles are getting popular for short distance commutes conveniently.

Entertainment Sources

Leisure activities rely predominantly on technology.


It offers entertainment & news broadcasts daily to family members.


Web series, online games, social media are popular leisure habits especially among youngsters.

Mobile Apps

On-demand video & music apps are used extensively during free time.

Miscellaneous Items


Compact umbrellas provide portable shelter from rain showers conveniently.

Locks and Keys

Used daily for locking-unlocking doors, cabinets etc to secure belongings.

Spectacles and Lenses

Prescribed glasses & lenses used by many people with vision issues for clear eyesight.

These were the most common things we use daily to fulfill various needs conveniently. Advances in technology continue to upgrade these products for better experiences regularly. With sustainable living gaining focus, the adoption of eco-friendly alternatives has risen too in purchase choices & disposal habits.

Here are a couple more tables in addition to the one already in the article to represent some of the key information:

Common technology gadgets used daily

GadgetPurposeFrequency of use
SmartphonesCommunication, internet access, productivityMultiple times a day
Laptops/PCsWork, study, entertainment, browsingMultiple hours a day
Wireless earphonesListen to music, attend callsFew hours daily

Frequently used personal care products

SkincareFace washes, moisturizers, sunscreensCleansing, hydration, protection
HaircareShampoos, conditionersCleaning and conditioning hair
Oral careToothpaste, mouthwashMaintain oral hygiene

Means of transportation for daily commute

Mode of transportKey benefitsCommon users
Public busesEconomical optionStudents, office-goers
Metro/Local trainsAvoid trafficOffice-goers
Self-driven cars/bikesComfort and flexibilityIndividuals within the city
App based cabsConvenience for short distancesWhen public transport not available

The article covers the extensive list of 20 different items used in daily life across categories like food, technology, healthcare, household items etc.

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