Seven Interior Design Trends You’ll See Everywhere in 2024

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Interior design trends come and go every year, but some styles stand out above the rest. In 2024, expect to see lots of curved furniture, rattan textures, soothing paint colors, and products made from eco-friendly or unexpected materials. By embracing these trends in moderation, you can give your home a stylish makeover that still reflects your taste. Read on to discover seven interior design trends poised to be everywhere this year.

StyleKey ColorsTypical MaterialsOther Defining Features
MinimalismBlack, white, gray neutral tonesWood, metal, glassClean lines, negative space, multifunctional furniture
ModernNatural hues like white and wood tonesSynthetics, metal, stoneSculptural shapes, unconventional designs
IndustrialBlack, gray, natural wood tonesDistressed woods, weathered metals, concreteExposed pipes, vintage elements, worn patinas
Midcentury ModernEarth tones, muted huesWood, leather, luciteClean lines, gently tapered legs, organic shapes
Boho or EclecticRich jewel tones, earthy neutralsTapestry, woven textiles, woodLayered patterns, nature motifs, mix of textures

Interior design refers to the art of styling and decorating indoor spaces. It involves working with colors, textures, materials, lighting, layouts, and furnishings to create aesthetically pleasing, functional rooms. The trends in this industry change over time as technology progresses and cultural tastes evolve. Some looks fade out of popularity while new innovative styles emerge and eventually become mainstream. Tracking these trends can provide inspiration and help you integrate current styles into your home.

Interior Design

Many cultural, technological, and economic factors impact which aesthetic styles gain widespread popularity at any given time. For example, advancements allowing new textiles or sustainable materials to be developed often kick off new trends. Societal values can also play a role, with styles emphasizing simplicity gaining steam as environmental consciousness grows.

Sometimes older styles resurface as people yearn for furniture and decor from previous eras. Nostalgia and counterculture movements intermix with modern innovations, creating novel interior design styles. Of course, trendsetters and interior designers looking to make a splash with their work also influence what styles get adopted on a large scale.

Why Staying Current Matters in Interior Design

While sticking rigidly to trends isn’t necessary, updating some elements of your home to align with emerging styles can provide several benefits beyond just looking fashionable. It adds variety, allows you to incorporate new innovations in textiles or lighting technology, and makes designing easier since inspiration and products will be everywhere.

Small touches like throw pillows, wall art, mirrors, area rugs, and accessories provide easy ways to add trendy flair. More significant upgrades like fresh paint colors, furniture reupholstering, or new fixtures can transform the entire feel of your rooms over time. Balancing trendiness with long-lasting pieces that reflect your taste is key for avoiding outdating too rapidly.

Many 2024 interior design trends revolve around creating soothing, comfortable spaces using natural textures, curved shapes, and handcrafted elements alongside modern and minimalist flair. Eco-consciousness also underpins several top trends with sustainable practices and unexpected recycled materials becoming very on-trend.

Soothing Color Palettes

Paint companies and designers foresee expanded use of soft, peaceful hues that create serene backdrops. These include light greens, warm beiges, pale blues, muted grays, ivory tones, and other quiet neutrals. Deeper shades like emerald green and cobalt blue in moody color palettes also prevail.

Interior Design Trends
chairs conference room contemporary

Textural Rattan and Natural Fibers

The natural fiber trend goes beyond standard wicker furnishing into new takes on rattan, jute, woven woods, cork, and more. Rounded organic shapes, braided details, and tactile woven textures will appear on rugs, lighting, cabinets, partitions, wall hangings, and accessories.

Handcrafted Ceramics and Pottery

Unique ceramics, porcelain, and pottery housewares offer another way to infuse one-of-a-kind artisanal flair. Displaying vases, planters, serving ware, and objets d’art crafted from clay or glass is very on-trend for 2024 interiors.

Key Elements of Interior Design

Several core interior design elements work together in harmony to create stylish living spaces. Skillfully balancing and selecting these components allows home decorators to realize their desired aesthetic. While trends influence specific color palettes or furniture silhouettes per year, the fundamentals below comprise the foundation of every well-designed room.

Color Sets the Mood

From energizing bright hues to mood-enhancing neutrals, the colors present in a room hugely impact its overall feel and ambiance. Cool blues and greens evoke calm where warm reds and yellows foster cheer. You can use accent walls, art, pillows and other décor to incorporate colors reflecting the mood you want for each space.

interior living room furniture room
interior living room furniture room

Texture Adds Visual Interest

The judicious addition of various textures creates depth and dimension and brings spaces to life. From luxurious velvet upholstery to natural fiber area rugs, employing tactile elements sparks visual interest while offering new layers to savor.

Lighting Makes or Breaks Functionality

Properly illuminating spaces suits them for their intended purpose whether ambient lighting to set off artwork, task lighting for reading nooks, or accent lighting to create drama. Well-designed lighting solutions highlight aesthetic details and enable people to complete essential activities comfortably in the space.

Furniture Anchors the Room

The furniture contained within forms the backbone of any well-designed area, affecting layouts and functioning as a canvas for additional decorative elements. Pieces like sectionals, shelving units, beds and tables establish the structure to then layer textures, colors and accessories upon.

Accessories Put on the Finishing Touches

Artwork, throws, pillows, houseplants and objects like tableware or candles put the final polish on thoughtfully designed, furnished rooms. Swapping out these accessories lets you easily achieve different seasonal or holiday-themed styles without overhauling everything.

Now that you know key elements for designing stylish, functional spaces, read on to discover specific ways trending colors, textures, eco-materials, lighting concepts and furniture silhouettes are coming together to shape popular looks for 2024 interiors.

home sofa living room decoration
home sofa living room decoration 1622401

Use of Color in Interior Design

Color wields tremendous influence over the atmospheres our interior spaces cultivate. The latest color combinations interior designers plan to use extensively this year include pairings like red and pink, yellow and gray, green and brown, blue and orange and all shades of purple. By embracing these on-trend palettes in moderation, you can give your home a fresh modern update while still ensuring the hues you choose reflect your personal taste and enhance how you want to feel in each room.

On-Trend Paint Color Ideas

Today’s popular wall colors use soft versatile neutrals that function as blank canvases for layering in pops of colors via changeable accents and décor. Silvery grays, warm beiges, soothing greens and gentle blues dominate 2024 paint forecasts. Specific hues projected to surge in popularity this year include:

  • Behr’s Canyon Dusk – a warm tan
  • Sherwin Williams’ October Mist – a gray/brown
  • Benjamin Moore’s Raspberry Blush – a light pink-beige
  • PPG’s Olive Sprig – a pale green with hints of brown
  • Valspar’s Lake Glass – a restful blue/gray

Paint companies suggest pairing these highly versatile neutrals with vibrant accent hues like red, emerald, mustard or navy for adding energizing pops of colors. This way you can easily modulate the color palettes in rooms seasonally as trends change simply by swapping decorative elements rather than requiring large-scale repainting projects.

pots plants cactus succulents
pots plants cactus succulents 716579

The Psychology of Color in Interior Design

Savvy designers harness the psychology of color to spark desired psychological responses through strategic color selections. Warm yellows and oranges evoke happiness and cheer. Cool blues and greens elicit peaceful, relaxed states. Red tones stimulate high energy. Dark accent walls or sophisticated black décor conveys luxury. Grasping these influential effects allows custom tailoring color palettes toneeds of individual spaces.

Color Scheme Inspiration for Every Room

Bedrooms colored in calming blues or greens promise tranquility and rest. Cheerful yellow or orange kitchens motivate appetites and socializing. Gray and tan-dominated living spaces provide flexible backdrops for displaying treasured belongings meaningfully. Here are suggested color combinations for evoking certain moods in key rooms:

Kitchen Color Palettes

  • Red and yellow – Energizing, hunger-inducing
  • Green and brown – Serene, connected to nature
  • Yellow and gray – Uplifting, casual

Bedroom Color Schemes

  • Blue and green – Peaceful, relaxin
  • Neutrals accented by jewel tones – Sophisticated luxury
  • Pastel pink and gray – Gentle, romantic

Living Area Color Combinations

  • Beige with pops of orange – Friendly, welcoming
  • Earth tones – Grounding, familiar
  • Jewel-toned accent wall – Refined, elegant

Remember only bold accent walls or swappable decorative elements require committing fully to daring colors. Strategic applications allow flexibly adapting room colors to evolving tastes. Overall though, this year’s top palettes build on popular previous seasons’ using soothing muted backgrounds animated by vibrant jewel tones and energizing brights through art, textiles and accessories.

Use of Texture in Interior Design

Beyond visual richness, embracing tactile elements creates spaces begging to be touched while differentiated surfaces lend depth via interplays of light. Texture contrasts attractively bridge sleek and handcrafted, rustic and refined. Mixing woven, nubby, smooth and lacquered finishes heightens luxury. As technology expands available materials, 2024 interiors will showcase more creative applications of three-dimensional textures.

brick wall room interior design
brick wall room interior design

Use of Lighting in Interior Design

Like a silent design element, lighting builds mood, enables tasks and brings focus to decorative details. Ambient, task and accent lighting all serve distinct essential roles. New advances expand style options so lighting fixtures now function as artistic focal points blending visual form, utility and high-tech control.

Ambient Lighting for Background Brightness

General overhead illumination allowing navigation and background functions gets supplied by ambient lighting. But features like LEDs, smart tech and dimming capabilities update the style and customizability of ubiquitous fixtures like recessed cans and ceiling-flush mount lights.

Task Lighting Enables Work Activities

Reading lamps, under-cabinet lights or workstation bulbs provide directed task lighting facilitating everything from cooking to hobbywork. Today’s flexible designs like pendant lamps or track lighting offer focused illumination in decorative forms.

Accent Lighting Showcases Style

Strategic accent lights spotlight display-worthy objects, create focal points and carve spatial zones via pools of light. Low-voltage mini-spotlights offer surgically precise directionality. Sconces,flush mounts and statement light fixtures that meld artistry with illumination also shine as accent lighting

Whether dangling filament bulbs, sleek cylinders or beaded glass pendants, statement light fixtures soon emerge as coveted stars of cutting-edge lighting lines and interior design schemes. Savvy application of ambient, task AND accent lighting builds functionality and style.

Accent Pieces Pull Rooms Together

Beyond larger furnishings, accessorizing ties spaces together, reflects personal tastes and transforms rooms across seasons. With fewer permanent built-in design elements in open-concept homes, movable decor assumes greater importance for adding color, texture and personality. Trending mediums for injectable flair in 2024 include:

Textiles – Throws, pillows and rugs

Wall Décor – Mirrors, art prints, tapestries

Sculptures – Ceramics, glasswork, wooden carvings

Greenery – Houseplants, wreaths, flower arrangements

Accent pieces requiring small investments help refresh styles economically. Groupings of curated objects exhibiting visual cohesion grab attention. Sculptural forms, woven textures and an infusion of nature through woods or living plants prevail in hot new accessories.

Let’s delve into seven specific interior design trends poised to surge in 2024. Use these styles in moderation to update your home to be chic and modern without sacrificing comfort or wildly exceeding budgets.

On-trend Furniture Styles

Furniture forms the foundation of interior spaces. So staying aware of currently popular silhouettes, sustainable materials and on-trend ways to use wood, metal, fabrics and glass allows your furnishings form both stylish and practical backdrops for enjoying life at home.

Sustainable Design Practices

With eco-consciousness permeating the zeitgeist, sustainable furniture and interior design practices thrive by reuse, high-quality custom craftsmanship and renewable fabrication methods. Committing to sustainability brings environmental benefits AND distinctive aesthetics to living spaces via these three trends.

Designing on a Budget

Achieving chic style economically centers on making strategic splurges on foundational furniture supplemented by easy additions of trendier accessories. Prioritizing versatility also prevents quickly outdated looks. These practical tips help realize beautiful rooms on budgets:

Hiring an Interior Designer

While sizable investments, for extensive renovations or demanding aesthetics beyond DIY skills, hiring interior designers pays dividends through enhancing joy brought by surroundings for years. Tailoring choices to your budget balances professional guidance with personalized outcomes.

Once aware of forecasted popular hues, furniture forms and stylistic directions, spotting influences becomes easy simply browsing home magazines and décor-focused social media feeds. Follow designers you admire and remain receptive to experimenting with trending techniques.

Pulling A Room Together

Curating a cohesive interior design scheme relies on uniting textures, colors and materials into harmonious attractive interplays. Before fully committing, live with paint color swatches, fabric samples and movable products eliciting your desired mood.

Achieving Multiple Styles from One Room

Strategically anchoring spaces with versatile foundational furniture allows fluidly transitioning settings across occasions and seasons through minor adjustable tweaks. Design multi-purpose rooms by display-staging flexible areas then swapping accent pieces to completely transform the scene.

This covers the essential interior design trends expected to surge in 2024 along with fundamental principles for decorating elegantly while integrating modern and eco-conscious style elements that still feel personally expressive. For additional information on refreshingly reinventing living spaces or quick trendy upgrades, contact our interior design firm.

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