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Monk mode is an extreme yet fruitful period of focus requiring a sacrifice to transform work, abilities, and mindset in a short duration through sheer grit and the elimination of distractions. The boosts in intentionality make the fatigue worthwhile. It’s a period in which one says to oneself and signals to the people around that listen, one is locked in, focused now.

A period of immersion and focus

From one’s understanding, monk or Monachus (Monachus = which means being alone) mode was floating around as a rough term for many years but when one started monk mode back in early 2020 just right before lockdown there was no real formula or way to do it. One can only describe the personal monk-mode protocol – maybe some other people have some other ideas. But the monk mode protocol consists of no alcohol or weed, 30 minutes a day of exercising even if that’s just a brisk walk in the park and 10 minutes a day of meditation.

The personal monk mode protocol

The 3 non-negotiables

Those three are the non-negotiables. Now there are a bunch of other protocols out there for example like 75Hard – it’s five or six different variables but they’re just fixed and one respects that protocol. But one wanted to create something where people would have the basics which for oneself are just a non-negotiable full stop and then one can add personal variables.

Additional variables

So you can add anywhere from one to three variables on top. Some variables that have been done in the past include praying once a day, doing 45 minutes of phone screen time per day.

One has done stuff like adhering to a diet – a strict carnivore diet was done and you can really do whatever you want whether that be 30 minutes a day of practicing public speaking or 15 minutes a day of journaling whatever you want.

That’s the really amazing thing about monk mode – there are those three non-negotiables but then there are anywhere from one to three additional variables that you get to pick and choose. In each monk mode period that one does, it is different – it shifts and changes depending on the needs in that season of life.

How long should monk mode last?

Monk mode needs to be at least 21 days – anything less than that and it’s simply not a commitment enough and to be entirely honest even 21 days really isn’t that much of a commitment, it’s just that one understands for some people even three days the idea of meditating for 10 minutes and doing 30 minutes a day of exercise and no alcohol/weed – even three days is difficult and one will say the more days you do it the easier it gets.

Minimum of 21 days

For those struggling who have never done something like this before, do 21 days, do 21 days and then maybe take a couple day break, enjoy life and then go back into maybe a 30-day window after that – you can really chop and change the duration. That’s the beautiful thing about monk mode again – it has its set basis, its core and then one can shift things around it.

Can go up to 90 days

Minimum 21 days up to 90 days – one doesn’t recommend doing any more than 90 days because one thinks that you need to let your hair down, you need to have some fun, break routine and then get back into it.

Monkey mode is a way of life for oneself – there are periods of life which are very hectic with lots of traveling, sometimes those late nights and all of these things involved but then there are periods where one knows listen for the next 60 days, I am at home, in my city, not editing and traveling and for oneself that means that in that 60 days one wants to make the most of it, maximize the results from that time so that’s when one goes okay let me do a 60-day monks mode period with the set non-negotiables and then let me add some extra variables on top of that.

For which group of people is monk mode the best?

Monk mode is the best for the people that just are sick and tired of saying they’re gonna do something but they don’t actually do it and monk mode is a commitment to yourself and it’s a commitment to the people around you.

Beginners to advanced

The beautiful thing loved about monk mode as well is ever since one started saying it like three years ago “hey I’m doing monks mode” it’s a very easy term for friends to understand, so much so to the point that friends will be like “oh are you doing monk mode right now?” and if they know you’re in a monk mode period then they’re a lot more understanding and they understand okay you’re not drinking right now, okay it won’t be a late night, oh okay you probably won’t be able to do this thing.

People wanting accomplishment

So really monk mode is for anyone who’s just a beginner and starting all the way to super successful people, anyone who wants to accomplish their goals and understands that they need to go into a period of mini immersion to achieve that and they need to go into a phase of monk mode.

Do you smoke cigars in monk mode?

The answer to that question is yes, one still does smoke cigars during monk mode periods. In the past there have been monk modes done where no cigar smoking was one of the extra variables, just because one wanted to see okay for the next 60 days can one not smoke cigars.

Yes, with moderation

One has found no benefit personally to quitting cigars, especially because there are a lot of very important business meetings and very important dinners to attend. One will be honest – when playing at a very high business level, alcohol is just always sort of a part of meetings and dinners, it’s almost that thing that people can bond over, you know a bottle of wine or a glass of wine. So because one doesn’t partake in alcohol when doing monk mode, cigars are a way to also have that bonding experience with business contacts.

Brings business benefits

A lot of the people in business also smoke cigars or if they don’t, they’re always very interested for one to educate them a little bit about it and help them smoke their first cigar properly. So yeah for oneself, one personally still does smoke a lot of cigars in monk mode.

When does one decide on when to go into monk mode?

The way it’s done is knowing that in the year certain periods are more busy in terms of travel, in terms of events that are more social and less business oriented.

For example, right now one is currently in Como Italy, then after this one needs to go to Geneva for some business and then on to London. So it’s known that within this sort of European travel, it can be very difficult to stick to the monk mode protocol – it can be done if called for but for oneself, it’s preferable to go through this travel period first. Then one goes back to Dubai where one lives, back home and it’s known that there are no real travel plans for a couple of months.

Depends on your goals

One specifically made it that way because there was a desire to get a lot of work done over the summer and pretty much just stay at home, do monk mode, and get ahead. After all, there’s a lot of very important work stuff going on at the moment.

And your schedule/travel

So for anyone who is not where they want to be in life, who wants to build a business, wants to achieve something – monk mode is a non-negotiable, you just do it because what else is one going to do? There should be no excuses.

Does one listen to music in monk mode?

One of the things found as a benefit of monk mode is it kind of resets dopamine levels. Listening to music is almost like the foods one eats – you need to be very present in the moment and very aware. It’s like appreciating eating a salad or even eggs and avocado every single day.

Yes, but different music

That’s why you notice when in the worst mental space, that’s when fast food is craved. One almost looks at music that way too. There is love for rap music and there’s a time and place for it of course. But notice, probably when one is least conscious and most distracted and erratic, that’s probably when the most stimulating music gets listened to.

Which part of monk mode is most difficult?

When unexpected curveballs happen during a monk mode period, that’s likely the most difficult thing personally.

What are the true results of monk mode?

Since one started doing dedicated monk mode periods, life propelled to a different level. At age 18 the first million dollars was made so there was always good success, but one found good success while still being comfortable. Ever since implementing monk mode though, bigger and bigger challenges have been undertaken and now there’s confidence to take on the unthinkable, whereas before there were abilities but uncertainty on accomplishing anything exceptionally big. Why that changed who knows?

But since monk mode was started, there’s belief that these windows can be used to accomplish truly anything within reason, as long as there’s not too much else interfering with the focus and commitment monk mode entails.

Next-level confidence and abilities

So not only bigger accomplishments, but also others around understand it better too which has been huge. It’s as was said, it’s an easy concept for everyone around to understand and respect. The term “monk mode” is almost crazy in how well people seem to inherently understand – friends literally ask “oh are you doing monk mode right now?” And if they know you are, then they’re more understanding about not drinking, staying out late, or taking on too many social commitments.

Understanding from your circle

It’s wild how just having this term “monk mode” helps those in your circle understand what you’re going through and why you might be living differently for a period. They seem to inherently grasp that it’s a challenging commitment but one that brings immense focus and ultimately results.

So in summary, the true benefits of monk mode include next-level confidence to take on bigger life challenges, improved abilities to achieve whatever is tackled, and an increased level of understanding and respect from those around you as they comprehend the dedication and discipline required from announcing a monk mode period. One would suggest to anyone doubting the impact to just try it for 21 days and see what happens! There is a link below to a video explaining the exact monk mode protocol and how to perfectly execute it over a set time. Overall monk mode has been one of the most transformational habits and concepts implemented for reaching the next level of success and abilities.


In the end, monk mode allows one to reach an incredible level of focus and alignment. By stripping away distractions and temptations, monk mode periods create space to purely pursue goals and growth. The compound effect over weeks and months can be profound. While difficult, the self-discipline required also builds strength to take on greater challenges long-term. Forbes About Monks Mode

If dreaming big but struggling with follow-through, monk mode may provide the structure and mindset reset needed. The commitment to a set protocol signals seriousness to yourself and others. There’s no backing out once announcing a monk mode stretch – it forces the issue to show up and deliver. Give it an honest effort for 21+ days. The insight and boosts gained may surprise you and shift your beliefs on what can be accomplished with dedicated blocks of uninterrupted time.


What is the ideal duration of a monk mode period?

The ideal duration is typically 21 to 90 days. Long enough to build real momentum, but not so long that burnout occurs ornormal life is abandoned. Use travel plans, major projects and big picture goals to guide what duration makes sense for your situation.

How do you stay focused during monk mode?

Ruthlessly cull distractions in advance, create an inspiring vision board, stick to a set morning routine, track progress and have occasional small rewards built-in to milestone achievements.

What happens after monk mode ends?

After monk mode ends, reintroduce normal social activities and indulgences slowly. Be careful not to lose all momentum. Set prescribed maintenance protocols like keeping up key habits and tracking ways monk mode shifted your skills and beliefs about what’s possible.

Can monk mode be done more than once per year?

Absolutely. Every 90-120 days is ideal if your schedule allows. Just don’t overdo it and risk burnout. Listen to your mind and body – monk mode is intense by design.

Are there any apps or techniques to track monk mode progress?

Yes apps like Way of Life and Streaks or journaling in a notebook can track progress on variables like meditation time, exercise sessions completed, pages written etc. Visually seeing progress builds momentum.

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